Wednesday, 5 September 2012


I have completely lost track just when I started on this blog. The end of summer and the beginning of school left me no time to write on this. Particularly, the lack of eventful things has regretted me any interesting topics to write about. But anyway, I guess I shall start by what I have been loving lately.

I must say that I am not a big fan of fall/autumn weather because I hate winter and I always blame fall for making winter come. I guess I like the changing trees and the lovely pumpkin flavored/scented everything (LOVE pumpkin). Oh and Halloween, I love Halloween! But like I said, fall makes me sad because it's cold and the sun sets way too early. But I am obsessed with fall fashion! I don't think I can express and wear it as much as I love it only because I do not have enough  clothes, accessories, makeup etc etc to live up to fall fashion.  However I do try.

So far, what I've been wanting and needing in my closet are some rich burgundies, ox blood, evergreen and camel tones. I'm also on a hunt for the perfect two toned riding boots and black leather heel booties.

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