Tuesday, 7 August 2012

To Start Things Off

I am loving the Olympics this summer. Not mentioning that I am always crying during those emotional podium moments, I can almost imagine myself standing there with my life long dream finally coming true. Just kidding. I'm a sucker for emotional moments like those. To be in the Olympics is already an accomplishment for all of the athletes representing their country there right now.

Here are my favorite podium babies so far:


Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas, USA, Artistic Gymnastics

From the beginning, Gabby captured my heart with her huge smile. I just felt that other gymnasts had this very stern look on their faces that made them look tense most of the time. Gabby however is always flashing her pearly whites. She was extraordinary in her floor exercise where she won her first personal Olympic gold medal. I couldnt take my eyes off the TV while she did her routine! My mouth was dropped open and I could not believe she that 1: was 16, 2: she's that flexible and 3: she's that FLAWLESS. I'm telling you... Just being a gymnast in general already impresses me but to execute moves like Gabby did that day was absolutely crazy and a thrill to see. Even I was proud of her. Watching it alone in my living room I was sad that I could not share that moment with anyone, but Twitter assured me that I was not imagining her perfection during that routine. Even though Russia followed her after and was pretty damn good as well, I think Gabby definitely deserved the gold.

The whole US "women" (which they are hardly at age 16-18) gymnastics team consisting of above, Gabby Douglas, 16, Jordyn Wieber, 17, McKayla Maroney, 16, Kyla Ross, 15 (16 in October) and Alexandra "Aly" Raisman, 18 was my top favorite for gymnastics even though Canada did qualify for all around.  I am not American but you will see that I picked mostly Americans as my favorites. Sorry Canada! I am default rooting for you anyway in any other event... Sometimes. They were super cute in their pink leotards too!!!

Ruta Meilutyte, Lithuania, Swimming

I don't know who cried more during her medal ceremonial, me or her? Ruta Meilutyte at age 15 gets Lithuania's first Olympic medal of any kind (which happened to be gold...) in swimming. I think I loved her more because she wasn't the expected winner for her race.  She competed in the 100m breastroke event which everyone thought people's favorite US swimmer Missy Franklin would win. Ruta's podium moment as she glanced at the stadium full of people with tears streaming down her face in awe and disbelief of her capabilities just jerked on my heart strings. At 15 she is only starting. She is not even in her prime yet and I am so looking forward to seeing her in the next years to come.

Marcel Nguyen, Germany, Artistic Gymnastics

Oh Marcel Nguyen... What can I say? I guess I should start off with his totes amazing performance at men's individual all around I mean he really worked that pommel horse and bars. I almost didn't pay attention to anyone else. Well I wasn't paying attention to anyone else cause I was too busy googling pictures of him. He is a living proof that gymnastics make you a damn good of a man just like any other sport. And though the Chinese snatched the gold, I think Silver looks better on him anyway ;)

Oh and this is what I found on google:

Mo Farah, Great Britain, Track and Field

He probably had the best victory reaction. I mean, I would too if I finish first and alive in 10,000m. Not going to lie it was getting boring watching the runners run laps around the track. He sure made it interesting by sprinting and I mean SPRINTING his heart out for the last few meters of the race. Hence his face at the very end when he realized he won. The best moment of his win was when his family came out. His daughter is so precious. I can relate with the daddy's little girl and I almost teared up ... again. Family first! Him and his wife have another one in the way which paints a happy family picture and I'm just a sucker for those feel good moments.

Baby Ryan Lochte, USA, Swiiiiimmmiiiing ;)

I almost have no words for Ryan. Since Beijing, Michael Phelps always ruled my world and Ryan was always there but not quite as special to me as Michael was. Maybe growing up really changed my perspective on MEN. Because my oh myyyyyy Ryan is grown. He's 27. He has to be. But sometimes he wears those grills that I just disapprove of. Anyway, more on his accomplishments. Ryan and Michael were really the ones to talk about this year in London. They have this playful rivalry, competing for the same team but on the other hand also competing for personal achievements. It's always really hard for me to watch them compete with each other just because I don't really know who I want to win. But boy is it not a show when they compete with each other?! Ryan succeeded in defeating Michael in 400m individual medley and not just by a little bit, Michael actually placed 4th in that race and was completely off the podium. Nonetheless I was very happy for my baby Ryan because he really showed it off there ;)

 Michael Phelps, USA, Swimming, DUH.

And of course. Michael Phelps. Pre-olympics I thought I outgrew all my teenage tendencies to scream and cry over Phelpsy. Nope. My dream was still alive and every time I saw Michael about to race my heart was beating like IIII was about to race. He is still absolutely amazing. Safe to say I relived my 16 year old memories of watching him compete in Beijing in 2008. Nothing has changed. I still love him and still root for him just the same, even with Ryan there like mentioned above. I never knew who I wanted to win but deep inside I was more happy when he Phelps won. I was so proud of him when he got his 16th gold medal beating Ryan in the 200m intermediate medley, still showing everyone that he STILL has it despite losing to Ryan in the 400m IM. He also has the perfect All-American Boyish smile. Who can resist that?! He was breaking records and making history in London this year and I was just so happy to see him accomplish that.

And last but not the least, also has to do a lot with Phelpsy, my favorite podium/victory moment:

The manliest team hug award goes to team USA. Don't you love team hugs though? I most especially do. Here is Matt Grevers, Brendan Hansen, Michael Phelps and Nathan Adrian after their W in the 400m Medley Relay. Super great team effort here by every swimmer. I obviously love it when Michael Phelps does the butterfly. It was a bittersweet moment because I knew it was the last time he'd be swimming in the Olympics this year and also, it might also be or it IS the last time he'd be in the Olympics period. I sort of didn't want him to get out of the water. But I mean, that was just that. That easy, he won another gold. US got another gold. And the rest is literally history.

I love the American swim team all of them.

 And that's all for my Olympic ramblings for now! There are 4 more days to go!


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