Tuesday, 7 August 2012


Today embarks the new journey of my new blog. Here I hope to share all that interests me in hopes that if I open this window, you might just peek in.

I must warn you that I am a girl with a vast amount of interests. When I think about it, I may not be that typical, but if thinking that I'm not typical is typical then again, I may be. I ramble and I rant about simple things that I make complicated. However, this blog will barely scratch that personal surface. Here, I will choose to share and write about the greatest things I enjoy in my life at the moment.

I can't say what my blog will specify only that I will feature everything that interests me which usually circulates around the Lakers (and everything about the Lakers), beauty and fashion, school, DIY, trends and most especially: FOOD.

I initially wanted to choose walkinmyheels as my domain name but after getting shut down by its unavailability I came up with "heartonmyheels".  I wish there was a deeper reason for my blog name but really, I realize that I do wear my heart on my heels. I tend to go wherever I think it's a good place for me to be and I always itch to walk and go somewhere else. I dream to travel the world one day! oh and I also love heels. Double entendre! Hehe. But here it is. A sneak peek of my life through my interests.

Enjoy :)

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