Monday, 7 April 2014


Welcome to my very first Man Crush Monday post, where you will pretty much just read and peer into my obsessive personality and boy craziness. Forgive me for I have lusted, but it is Man Crush Monday.

MCM: Nick Bateman- Actor, Producer, International Model, All around hottie and King of my heart.

I would usually try to explain my reasons for my thinking with words but I'll use visual representation this time.

Reason #1: His smile.

Reason #2: His mysterious side.

Reason #3: His sensitive side.

Reason #4: This selfie.

Reason #5: He like never has clothes on.

Reason #6: But like when he does have clothes on... he's even hotter.

Reason #7: He's also so cool, that even this snowman checking him out isn't melting. 

Reason # 8: And he's just always holding puppies and it's so adorable. 

During fashion week, I actually saw Nick IRL and almost died every time BUT I had to keep it together and professional for the sake of keeping my job. And like I can actually verify this crush IRL because I've seen him up close and personal and he is liiiiike forreal. No photoshop on dat abs and those brooding eyes... my gosh. And he is SO tall. So...Tall. I regret not having the balls to ask to take a pic with him *cries* NEXT TIME I WILL OK. Next time... I will. I promise. Until then, I will be double tappin' those Instagram pictures.

Find Nick on social media: InstagramTwitter and Facebook
or his website:

Enjoy and happy Man Crush Monday everyone!


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